PAT (Phone as Tracker) Mobile App

The all new Fleetlog PAT (Phone as Tracker) mobile app for iOS & Android enables you to use your phone as a GPS tracker. You just simply download the app, sign in and allow location services. PAT will then track every trip accurately via your phones GPS every time you tap ‘start tracking’ in the app. This revolutionary new method removes the need for an installed GPS device.


In addition the mobile app also allows you to access trip history, activity log and even see where other vehicles are within your company / account.


High Accuracy

Utilising your phones high tech GPS to get the most accurate position live and track every business trip on demand

Battery optimised

Optimised for minimal battery usage while tracking

Easy installation & usability

Simply download the app from your devices store, sign in and you can start tracking that device and access live trip data

4G/5G Enabled

Supports the latest networks so that you can have your trips tracked no matter where you are in the world

Flexible Configuration

Configure app parameters to fit any tracking application.


Setup a daily schedule of trips and get them sent to the app with an optimised route calculated