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12 Truths About GPS tracking

If Ignored, You’ll Curse Yourself!

  • No lock in contracts gives greater flexibility & establishes your real costs

    Give yourself the freedom to make changes as your business needs – no re-signing tracking service contracts every vehicle lease turnover; no payout costs if there is a business downturn. And you know your real costs – no hardware or installation costs are hidden.

  • Monthly vehicle subscription should only include everything it should and nothing it shouldn’t

    Monthly vehicle subscriptions should include all Sim card and data charges, all software and mobile phone App access, and all vehicle data history – but not hardware or installation costs – else you could be paying these items several times over. Also, is there an overseas parent-company’s cut being added in?

  • Make it hard on taking it easy

    Fact – employees dislike tracking because they now have to be accountable for all their time and actions. A hardwired GPS device (installed up under the dashboard) provides secure, automated supervision – increasing productivity and reducing equipment abuse. If the GPS device can be disabled, detached or damaged, you can bet your bottom dollar it will happen (“but it was like that when I got here”). Your investment is only as secure as your hardware.

  • History is forever

    History provides a detailed visual and statistical account of every vehicle’s trip, so you can make a precise analysis of the efficiency of your field staff and fleet usage. This includes:

    • Start Time & Location
    • Distance Travelled
    • Travel Time
    • Roads Driven
    • Arrival Time & Location
    • Length of Time Stopped
    • Speed (at every point)
    • Hard Braking & Accelerating
    • Harsh Cornering

    More importantly, this is the data you pay for within the vehicle monthly subscriptions – so ensure it is forever available to you on demand.

  • Make sure your cloud-based data doesn’t get lost in the stratosphere

    What could it cost you if had no evidence to support a billable hours claim, a field rep’s driving performance, or an employment contract termination. Multiple simultaneous storage of every vehicle’s trip data could end up saving you more than your entire vehicle tracking investment.

  • To stay alive, you’ve got to be live

    Accuracy is key to enhancing your customer’s experience, and maximizing your field team efforts. Live Map view with a realistic refresh rate ensures you can respond to business demands immediately. Customers who get quick emergency response and accurate arrival time estimates tend to stick with who they can trust, which means more business for you.

  • Wherever you are, still be in control of your team

    Business today is mobile, but making decisions on the fly requires up-to-date information, which may not be so easily accessed if all your everyday tools are not in range – physically and connectively. A mobile phone App providing all the same Live Map and Logbook data gives you the freedom to be checking into your business while you’re out working on your business.

  • Proof is in the inputing

    A mobile App that allows drivers to easily input vehicle expenses – such as petrol and parking – allows expenses to be captured as they happen, eliminating you having to chase your drivers for expense forms, or burying you in a pile of receipts.

  • Get to the point

    The purpose of vehicle tracking is to supply you data concerning your fleet usage. Reports must be both easy to understand and easy to extract. Point & Click and you can instantly create an Expense Report or Vehicle Usage Report for any time period you require.

  • Buy local – it saves both time & money

    An Australian-based software developer has a vested interest in keeping their service up-to-date with Australian Business & Tax laws, ATO filing compliance, as well as mobile network compatibility (i.e. 2G planned shutdown). If you can access your provider’s API (vehicle usage raw data), it gives you the opportunity to create your own mobile phone App, giving your customers an even more enhanced experience, resulting in even greater customer loyalty and product champions.

  • Try before you buy

    Vehicle tracking can drive your business to more profitability, but can you drive your vehicle tracking solution? A self-run demonstration lets you experience first-hand your ability to get the most out of your investment – the manner in which you run the demonstration is the exact same manner in which you would run the software as your own.