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Fleetlog PAT enables you to use your phone as a tracker

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What is Fleetlog PAT?

The all new Fleetlog PAT (Phone as Tracker) mobile app for iOS & Android enables you to use your phone as a GPS tracker. You just simply download the app, sign in and allow location services. PAT will then track every trip accurately via your phones GPS every time you tap ‘start tracking’ in the app. This revolutionary new method removes the need for an installed GPS device.


In addition the mobile app also allows you to access trip history, activity log and even see where other vehicles are within your company / account.

Why Fleetlog?

fleetlog vehicle tracking system

No contracts and affordable monthly fees

No need to be locked into a contract at Fleetlog – just pay a single monthly fee. No hidden charges, cancel anytime!

fleetlog vehicle tracking cloud system

Easy to install and
easy to use

Fleetlog is 100% cloud-based and has a very easy to use mobile app. In addition with the new PAT mobile app you don't even need any additional hardware other than your phone to enable the tracking.


We have a long list of happy customers who tell us how our Fleetlog tracking system has significantly improved their business operations. But don’t take our word for it. These testimonials from our customers speak for themselves.

Our driver’s accountability has greatly improved in every facet; from punctuaility to job completion – even their driving performance. Very impressed!

- Marian

Fleetlog really helps us when we do billed-by-hour work. We can now prove to our partners how much it costs and how long it takes to get to the work site. This makes us extra dollars with every job.

- Nate

Find out how Fleetlog can help your business today


watch your vehicles move in real time on fleetlog

Watch all your vehicles moving in real time

Live Map View allows you to view the location of your entire fleet in real time (updated every 30 – 60 seconds) – you know precisely where your team is at any moment, and can respond with what needs to be done now.
logbook history fleetlog gps tracking

Detailed and unlimited logbook and history

Simple point & click actions allow you to review the complete history of every start, stop, distance, time and road taken – for any vehicle, date, or time period – since you began with Fleetlog GPS tracking. You’ve got everything covered.
worlds easiest gps tracking system to see where your people are

Know how well your people drive

Accurate driver performance details help eliminate costly insurance claims, lost man hours, increased workers comp fees or property damage – usually synonymous with unmanaged risky driving habits like speeding, hard braking, accelerating, or cornering.
worlds easiest gps tracking system for recording expenses

Easy, accurate expense recording

Refuels, tolls, service receipts, insurance documents – save it all in Fleetlog’s vehicle GPS tracking system. No more chasing drivers expense forms, or piles of receipts to record.
worlds easiest gps tracking system for business expenses

Personal vs. business use

GPS tracking can be applied to one vehicle or a whole fleet. The vehicle can be fitted with a switch which is an automated GPS tracker system,, or users can log in with a manual GPS tracking set up to change the purpose of every trip or driver’s name.
worlds easiest gps tracking system for geofencing

Places and geofencing

Add addresses of your offices, clients, job sites – even employee homes – and Fleetlog will display the labels you’ve chosen. The Fleetlog vehicle GPS tracking system will also alert you if someone enters or leaves a specified area. (premium features)
worlds easiest gps tracking system for reporting

Reports how you want them

Fully flexible reporting system for GPS tracking Australia wide. Export or Print logbooks or expenses in PDF or Excel formats; we even provide them in ATO compatible formats.
worlds easiest gps tracking system for driver management

Driver ID

When a driver swipes their card to the reader, the device will send the driver’s ID to Fleetlog. You can even use your existing access control (RFID) swipe cards.

worlds easiest gps tracking system for APIs

Integrations and API

You can access your raw data using our API to build custom applications on our platform.

How does Fleetlog
PAT (Phone as Tracker) work?

worlds easiest gps tracking system
worlds easiest gps tracking system


Simply take your smartphone with the fleetlog app with you when you drive and tap 'start tracking'

worlds easiest gps tracking system


Your device will send the GPS location data via your mobile network to our secure Fleetlog servers

worlds easiest gps tracking system


We then translate this data into information useful to your business, which you can access from any internet able device

worlds easiest gps tracking system

Powerful and Affordable GPS Tracking

Stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest GPS technology thanks to Fleetlog.


GPS Technology and GPS Tracking Devices have come a long way. Just a few years ago due to limitations of affordable technology, the GPS data that was available to businesses was limited. Slower internet speeds meant GPS tracking data was delayed.


GPS Tracking devices used to be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Additional charges to relay GPS data to businesses meant that only big business could afford the benefits.

Today Fleetlog has made real time GPS Tracking Australia wide powerful and more affordable than ever before.

Download the Fleetlog app now - The worlds easiest GPS tracking system

Access Fleetlog GPS tracking and fleet management on the go from your mobile.

Fleetlog works on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device.
Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

*Please note you will need an active subscription and login in order to utilise the mobile app. Contact us when ready to setup your account. 

Keep Track of Your Fleet with Fleetlog

Don’t lose track of your ‘on the road’ business operations and keep control over your mobile business assets with GPS tracking from Fleetlog.


With no lock-in contracts or hidden fees, the latest vehicle GPS tracking technology, and free support, don’t hesitate to contact us and get started with Fleetlog today!

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