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What is a GPS Tracking Device?

A GPS tracking device is the GPS enabled equipment (or GPS receiver), used to identify an exact location on earth by communicating with satellites. These devices are usually held by people or affixed to an object like a car.


A few years ago GPS tracking devices used to be very large, bulky and could only provided limited data to those using them. These days GPS tracking devices can be found in many household and mobile devices. If fact nearly all mobile and cell phones are GPS enabled and can be used for GPS tracking. With the right technology Tracking devices and GPS applications can provide users with invaluable information.


Fleetlog’s GPS automotive tracking device is small and easy to install. In fact it only takes 3 wires and can be installed in under 45 mins. Once your fleetlog device is installed and verified you can get all the data about your vehicles, but we don’t just give you raw data. We translate this data into valuable information for your business.