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A Supervisor in Every Passenger Seat

Human beings, as a general rule, behave much differently when being supervised by an authority figure than when they know they are not being watched. This is true from childhood and on through to our adult years. If you do not believe me, try this little experiment next time you have a moment.

Tell your kids (or borrow some, with permission) that you have something in the closet that they are not supposed to look at, under any circumstances. Explain that they can pretty much do anything, but whatever they do, DO NOT OPEN THE CLOSET. Then walk out of the room, hide, and watch what happens.

Heck, try it with your employees. The result will be the same. If you have staff that are driving company assets without GPS tracking, you already are.

I am not saying that all people are bad and have evil intentions. Not at all. Even though there are some employees out there who are looking to rob you blind, it is my belief that most are well intentioned and have your company’s best interests at heart. Mostly.

However, keep in mind what we said at the beginning of this article. We act differently when supervised. Moreover, when I say differently, I usually mean better. It may help to think of this in this way.

Ask yourself this question, “How would my employees drive, if I was sitting in the truck with them? Better or worse than when driving alone?”

How about this one… “How much more work/service calls would get accomplished if I was able to ride along on every call?” “Maybe better yet…” Would time card accuracy change if I was on every call with them?”

For most managers and business owners, the answer to these questions is clear. The problem lies in the fact that you cannot be in every truck with every employee. However, we have the next best thing.

GPS tracking from Fleetlog allows fleet managers to see live data from their entire fleet, from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Know where they are, where they are going, and how they are driving, minute by minute.

Whether you are at a nearby job site, your office, or on vacation on the other side of the world, with Fleetlog GPS tracking, you are always in the passenger seat!