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How can your Business Benefit from Fleetlog GPS Fleet Tracking?

The ability to know where, when and how your staff are driving your
vehicles, will change your life and your business.
Today, businesses of all sizes are using vehicle GPS trackers to increase overall productivity and your bottom line.

Our GPS fleet management system puts you back in control of your business when your vehicles are out on the road. Thanks to the Fleetlog fleet tracker system, you will have a crystal ball overview of exactly what your staff are doing with your vehicles.

  • Where

    See exactly where your staff and vehicles are in real time. See where your drivers are and where they have been to get an accurate picture of what your vehicles are doing at any given time. Your vehicle will never disappear from the job again.

  • When

    You can see if and when they have arrived at their destination, where they were meant to be, how long they spend at each location and the duration of time they spend on the road. But most of all, you can keep your drivers safe!

  • How

    See how fast they are driving. Our log books show usage as well as how fast and slow they are driving - giving you log books that you can use for accounts, tax and to maximise the lifespan of your cars.


How Our Fleet
GPS Tracking Devices Work?

  1. Order your Fleetlog fleet tracker online and your 4G GPS tracking devices will be shipped to you, activated and ready-to-use. All you have to do is install them into your vehicles.

  2. Once you install the devices, the fleet tracker will send your vital data via the 4G mobile network to our secure Fleetlog servers. Here all your data will be kept safe and available when you need it.

  3. This data is then translated into useful and practical information for your business to utilise as you wish. This information can then be accessed from any computer or phone connected to the internet, and all information is displayed for you in real time.

*Our devices can store a driver’s data for up to 3 weeks out of network coverage

Ensure your drivers are safe & productive
with Fleet GPS Tracking.

  • Speed Limits

    You will know what the vehicles speed is at any time and see right away if they are speeding or making any illegal manoeuvres. Your drivers are representing your business on the road, so you want to ensure they are doing the right thing and are safe while on the job.

  • Stops

    Know if your drivers stop for extended periods of time and see the locations they pull up at. Fleetlog helps you make sure your workers stay on the job at all times and don’t stop unnecessarily, wasting valuable time and money.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Know when they start working and stop working in real time. Fleetlog works around the clock - giving you the power to know where your vehicles are all the time. A Fleetlog GPS fleet tracker can track your vehicle in all locations right across Australia. There’s nowhere your vehicles can travel without being monitored.

Fleetlog Fleet Tracker Features

There are so many features you can access and use with a GPS fleet tracker from Fleetlog. Every feature is specifically designed to deliver significant benefits to your overall business operations.

  • Activity Log

    Activity Log shows a time scale of all vehicle trips allowing you to click on any trip sequence of any vehicle to see the Travel Time, Travel Distance (kms travelled), How Long Stopped and Location Stopped At.

    • Travel Time
    • Travel Distance (kms travelled)
    • How Long the Vehicle is Stopped for
    • The Location Stopped at
  • 'Day in a Glance' Log

    'Day in a Glance' Log provides all trip sequence information much like the Activity Log, but it also shows a visual map of each trip including:

    • Time of Day for each trip
    • Private or Business use
    • Overall Driving Rating
    • Speed Graph
  • Driving Performance Log

    Driving Performance Log displays the precise details of each individual trip and each report is accessed with a simple point & click of the mouse.

    The driving performance log includes:

    • Time of day
    • Start/stop locations
    • Travel time
    • Distance travelled
    • Rating
    • Individual driving details (i.e. rough braking, hard accelerations, harsh cornering)
  • How “Live” is a
    Live Map View?

    Live Map View allows you to view the location of your entire fleet in real time, with data updated every 30 - 60 seconds. Whether you need to assist a field worker to a site they can't find, or need to see who is closest to an emergency job that has just come in - you know precisely where your people are.

Learn how to Improve Fleet Management
with GPS tracking

Want to know more about GPS fleet tracking before committing to it?

Download our ultimate guide on fleet trackers, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about including this service in your business.


Why Choose GPS Fleet tracking from Fleetlog

  • Australian Made and Owned

    Fleetlog is an Australian owned and run company, and our vehicle fleet management system was created right here in Australia. Fleetlog was created right here in Australia and is an Australian company. We are the developer of Fleetlog - not a reseller - which gives us the unique advantage of being able to adapt to what our Australian customers need, and to develop cutting edge features that suit the needs of our customers

  • No Lock in Contracts

    You can decide to cancel at any point in time. No obligations.

  • Try Before You Buy

    Try our live demo for free, giving you the chance to try out the system before you buy. No risks, no costs, no worries!

  • Value for Money

    You won’t find better value for money anywhere else. Our GPS fleet management system is packed full of essential features your business will depend on.

    Everything you need to track your vehicles is right here in a simple, convenient and cost-effective service.

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Using Fleetlog GPS Tracker Devices - Testimonials

  • photo

    Our driver's accountability has greatly improved in every facet; from punctuaility to job completion - even their driving performance. Very impressed!

    Marian Marcincin, JA&MA Cabling
  • photo

    Fleetlog really helps us when we do billed-by-hour work. We can now prove to our partners how much it costs and how long it takes to get to the work site. This makes us extra dollars with every job.

    Nate Raine, Express Electrical
  • Our driver's accountability has greatly improved in every facet; from punctuaility to job completion - even their driving performance. Very impressed!

    Marian Marcincin, JA&MA Cabling
  • Fleetlog really helps us when we do billed-by-hour work. We can now prove to our partners how much it costs and how long it takes to get to the work site. This makes us extra dollars with every job.

    Nate Raine, Express Electrical

The top 5 questions
about Fleetlog GPS tracking

  1. What goes in your vehicle?

    You have to install a small “GPS tracking” device in every vehicle you want to track. Each device consists of a GPS module, GSM module, memory, antennas and wires. leetlog only takes three wires to install. Read more about the installation here.

  2. How does the subscription plan work?

    You pay only for what you use. If you have flexible working hours or seasonal works you can tailor the usage to your needs. We send you an invoice every month. You can email or call us to find out more about our special deals.

  3. Can I try Fleetlog before a purchase?

    Of course. Register and you can have a look at our system and its features before paying anything. If you are already using a supported GPS fleet tracking device with another system and would like to give Fleetlog a try, just drop us an email at and we will help you to setup a free trial with us.

  4. What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards. If you pay a year in advance, you will have the option to pay by check or wire transfer (we can invoice you with net 30 terms).

  5. Who pays for SIM cards and data charges?

    In Australia, we provide you with Optus or Telstra SIM cards and data charges are included in monthly payments.

Take Advantage of Fleetlog Fleet Tracker Benefits Today

If you are having trouble keeping track of your business vehicles, there’s no better way to stay in control of your mobile assets than with Fleetlog’s vehicle fleet management system.

Take advantage of our Australian made GPS tracking technology today and lift your ‘on the road’ business operations to new heights with Fleetlog.

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