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I am chronically indecisive when it comes to purchases. It’s not my fault. In fact, I refuse to take responsibility for it. There are just too many things that are competing for my attention these days. It comes down to priorities. That which is on fire gets my attention every time. Smoke rising? That can wait till tomorrow. Just smoldering? That’s a next week thing.

Here is a perfect example of how this works. My television had been acting strangely for several weeks. A soft crackling sound would, on occasion, leak out from the back of it. And then there was the pixels. I suddenly was missing about 15 of the little guys. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but you try staring at a picture that has holes in it like some kid has been shooting the screen with a BB gun.

Sure, I knew I needed to replace it. But the thing is, at the time, it was still working, albeit a bit shaky, but still working. So I waited. This is what I call the “Makes Sense, Should Do It” phase. It basically translates into; “I know this is an issue, but it can wait.” Not on fire. Just smoke.

When my daughter turned on the television right before my favorite show’s season finale and it blew up, NOW we are on fire. Guess what? I got up and headed out to buy a new TV right then and there.

On fire.

What’s this have to do with fleet management you say? Well my friend, I am glad you asked.

A friend of mine happens to own a business with about 12 service trucks in his fleet. He had noticed a lot of little things that were really bugging him. Things like fuel bills going up (service calls were down) and people telling him that they saw one of his trucks at the amusement park the previous weekend. He even got a call from a woman who reported that one of his drivers cut her off on the highway, doing 30 km per hour over the speed limit. Definitely a problem. Something had to be done. He called us and inquired about starting our GPS Fleet Management service. “Sounds good” he said. But no fire yet. And so he waited.

About a month of this went by when he happened to spot one of his trucks parked in the lot of a “gentlemen’s club”. This was around 2:00pm on a Tuesday. He called his dispatcher to see if they had a service call for that business. No, she replied.

Smoke building.

He then proceeded to call his service technician. The tech answered and reported that he was on a jobsite, couldn’t talk right now, and would be tied up (nice club) for a couple hours or so.

Now we have fire.

From his car, my friend ordered his GPS units and requested expedited shipping. He had them installed the same day they arrived. He called and touched base a couple days after and said that he wished he would have done something sooner. He couldn’t figure out why he decided to wait.

I invited him over to check out my new television and watch the game. I will explain it to him then.